Finding the PERFECT Denim Jeans

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Article Written by Sally Coats

There are three things in life that once you find your perfect fit, you never look back and you never let go.

A hairdresser, a mechanic and the perfect pair of jeans.

Unfortunately the path to the perfect fit is littered with trial and error, so a helpful hand along the way never goes astray.

Ali Hootman, Creative Director for MAVI Jeans Australia, knows the struggle and while she might not be able to help with a hairdresser or a mechanic, she has a wealth of knowledge for dressing in denim.

"One of the biggest questions we get at MAVI is what is the right jean for my body type?” she says.

"Jeans, unlike any other item in your wardrobe, are something that deserve a bit of time put into finding the right size and shape for you and, once found, this pair of jeans will become the most worn and favoured item in your wardrobe.”

Here are a few considerations to make, according to Ali.


"Lucky are those with hips, as jeans are the ultimate way to accentuate curves and create a great silhouette. High waisted jeans with stretch are perfect for this body type. Our Alissa super high rise jean and Tess high rise waist with skinny ankle both have high waists and the right amount of stretch to create this look.”


"It's all in the details for petite girls who can play around with cropped, embellished styles and skinny ankles with zips. Straight leg jeans tend to take over petite frames so should be avoided but a high waisted, cropped skinny ankle like our Tess style works really well.

"Our Jesy low-rise biker jean is a really good option for petite girls too with its zip skinny ankle creating a great hip to ankle line.”


Mavi Jeans (L) ALISSA ANKLE High Rise Skinny Ankle in Deep 90s Cut Off (R) ALISSA High Rise Skinny in Double Black
Mavi Jeans (L) ALISSA ANKLE High Rise Skinny Ankle in Deep 90s Cut Off (R) ALISSA High Rise Skinny in Double Black


"Jeans are made for long-legged girls and many of our key styles come in a 34 inch leg so that the jean fits where it should.

"High waisted, skinny styles like Alissa and our mid-rise waist Alexa come in 34 inch leg lengths. Straight leg jeans also look sensational on tall women.”

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